Dr. John Zhang på Manhattan New Hope Fertility Center som är en av de världsledande forskarna har vidareutveckla metoden där 3 stycken parter är delaktiga till ett barn.

I media kallat för 3-föräldrar bäbis. Detta gör möjligheter till heterosexuella och homosexuella par att få ett biologiskt barn. Liknande metod är laglig i Storbritannien. När skall detta bli lagligt i Sverige?

Dr. John Zhang of Manhattan’s New Hope Fertility Center has long performed miracles for fertility-challenged couples. In a typical year, his futuristic-looking clinic (its sleek all white-interior looks like something out of a 2001: A Space Odyssey-themed spa) oversees hundreds of births.Zhang is responsible for creating the world’s first three-parent infant—a baby produced by combining a father’s sperm, a mother’s egg, and a donor egg.The birth of the baby, formally announced this week in New Scientist, is a big deal in fertility circles. The technology Zhang employed to produce the three-parent baby not only provides a source of hope for couples looking to avoid passing deadly genetic disorders on to their offspring, but also, Zhang says, potentially ushers in an era in which more and more women in their 40s and 50s will be able to have their own biological children. Researchers additionally speculate the technology lays the groundwork for the possibility that same-sex male partners may one day be able to have biological children of their own.
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